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My Mission

For me, offering lawful representation extends beyond mere financial gain. It affords me the chance to make a positive impact on my community, particularly amongst those individuals who often require utmost support. As a result, I have customized my legal practice to cater to the elderly population and those individuals striving to fulfill their dream of homeownership or seeking peace of mind through the development or modification of an estate plan. Furthermore, I aim to aid families in navigating the probate procedure during times of grieving, as well as ensuring that responsible individuals are designated to make significant financial and medical decisions.

My ultimate goal is to provide top-notch legal guidance and assistance to the individuals residing in Southeastern Massachusetts and its adjacent areas. With a specialized focus on estate planning, real estate mortgages, reverse mortgages, guardianship, conservatorship, probating of estates, and long-term care planning, my aim is to ensure that my clients can fully immerse themselves in living a fulfilling life.

Paula M P Schlosser

Legal Experience and Credentials

I obtained my degree from the prestigious Massachusetts School of Law, having successfully advocated for the legal rights of individuals residing in The Bay State.

I also hold membership in the subsequent legal associations: Additionally, I am part of the following legal organizations:

  • The National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys, which includes the Massachusetts chapter, is a distinguished organization in the field.
  • Plymouth County Bar Association
  • Real Estate Bar Association
  • Old Colony Elder Services: Member of the Board of Trustees and Advisory Board for Money Management.
  • Recognized as the Best Female Legal Professionals Acknowledged as top women in the field of law
Community Involvement
  • Volunteering at the Council on Aging: Seek Legal Advice at Your Local Center
  • Workshops on Community Education for Estate Planning and Reverse Mortgages

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